Sensible solutions for both planet and prosperity.

Promoting a win-win mentality for the environment and economy.

It’s time we focus on clean energy policy solutions that work. Entrepreneurs, innovators, and market solutions can solve our global environment and energy challenges better than government. Let’s find ways of supporting innovation with less regulation, not more.  

people first

People need a growing economy and a healthy environment. You can’t have one without the other.

free enterprise

No system has done more to lift people out of poverty than the free enterprise system.


Each generation has a responsibility to leave the world better off than we found it.

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Accelerating Energy Innovation
OUR Solution
We need to create an economic environment that lowers barriers and encourages R&D. When new technologies are developed we need to lower political barriers to their deployment.

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Help us promote free market solutions for climate change.

The Latest

RELEASE: We Cannot Let Progressives Own The Climate Debate

Two long-time conservatives, Drew Bond and John Hart, today announced the formation of a new organization, C3 Solutions, dedicated to promoting conservative clean energy and climate change solutions. C3 Solutions, which stands for “Conservative Coalition for Climate Solutions,” will aim to protect America’s natural and economic environment by advancing conservative ideas and principles.

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About Our Name

Our long name is the Conservative Coalition for Climate Solutions but we call ourselves C3 Solutions.

In the natural world, “C3 plants” perform a role. They turn CO2 into organic compounds. They make up 85% of all plants. And they thrive where there is more sunlight than heat.

That’s a good analogy for our mission. We aim to advance durable, supermajority solutions and facilitate an evidence-based conversation that helps the best solutions prevail.